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Triptych NFT Seasons

The LSF strives to make longevity-focused solutions translatable to medical practice and accelerate the accessibility of new treatments and therapies for everyone. The NFT collection is a way to support the Foundation and the grants it provides for cutting-edge research and projects.

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About the LSF

The LSF funds early-stage research that will ultimately make longevity medicine more accessible for all. The LSF is advised by top longevity researchers and physicians on its Visionary Board, as well as crypto and business leaders serving as its Patrons and Advisors. The Foundation aims to make research funding more transparent and grants all members voting rights for funding decisions.

Nikita Replyanski x the LSF

NFTs | @n_replyanski
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Nikita Replyanski x the LSF

About the Collection

The LSF partnered with Triptych Labs, a web3 agency dedicated to building communities. Top artists from across the globe will contribute longevity-themed pieces to each of the collection’s four seasons. Each season will explore different aspects of human longevity and what it means to live longer lives, with funds from the NFT sales supporting projects approved by the LSF Visionary Board and donors.

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The collection will help support LSF’s grants backing longevity research and projects. 70% of the income from Triptych’s NFTs will be sent directly to the LSF’s treasury. These funds will support research applications that have successfully undergone due diligence and received support from the Visionary Board reviews and member voting.

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